Happy New Year! To those looking for the Darth Vader video, we had to temporarily remove it since our bandwidth throughput is almost at it's limit and it's only, um the beginning of the month.

More updates are in the works, so stay tuned!

Back from a summer hiatus! Lots to catch up on, as we have several new films to the archives. Do watch our newest feature from our northern neighbors, Psst Productions in Toronto. Also more newness in SHORT FILMS by Erik Raj and Bernard Video. More to come in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned!
Um. hullo!

Just in time for summer... a new FEATURE! From Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Jim Kosem brings us the return of
Suicide Bear.

Classic Andy sowing in HUMOR with a vintage short about the last days of Mickey Mantle liver and of course, there's always new POLITICAL happenings in the US these days. Andy's jumped on board the Election 2004™ train to bring us the latests pawns and pundits.

Other happenings in SNAPSHOTS: the Cheese Weasel begins his series of shock testing footage.

SPONGI is going to be representin' at SXSW Interactive this year on the panel titled "The Philosophy of Episodic Content". If you're in Austin, come by and check it out.
Another year, another "Year-in-Review" by Andy Timithy.
Say goodbye to 2003 with some funny films by Tim Hall, showing in HUMOR and NEWSWORTHY.